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Watching the water pass by from the bridge 

4-Moons began as a Gary centennial celebration event under the direction of Thane Wells from Clear Lake, SD. After the celebration, Mr. Wells began the process of making the rendezvous an annual event. He, with the assistance of only 1 or 2 individuals, ran the rendezvous for the first two years. As word spread about the site location, community support, and family atmosphere of the rendezvous, attendance grew.

Other buckskinners, having enjoyed the 5-day rendezvous, volunteered to assist Thane in making 4-Moons one of the fastest growing and most inviting rendezvous in the area. Currently, there are approximately 20 individuals from various black powder clubs spread from eastern South Dakota to Minnesota to Wisconsin who assist with this event.

At this time, the rendezvous is still paid for by camping fees, auction proceeds, massive volunteer support, and donations of equipment, time, and prizes.

For more information, contact:

Booshway Thane "No Shadow" Wells
17727 474th Ave.
Clear Lake, SD 57226
phone 605-874-2940

or E-mail here

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