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 Dog Soldiers' Words of Wisdom

I. All visible clothing and gear must be pre-1840 Fur Trade Era (including footwear).

II. General public entering camp before 8am or remaining after 5pm must be in suitable pre-1840 attire.

III. Participants arriving after Opening are asked to change into pre-1840 attire before entering camp (changing station will be provided).

IV. Keep non-period water jugs and coolers covered at all times. When hauling water or groceries to camp, keep non-period containers covered.

V. Vehicles will be allowed in camp for loading and unloading only.

VI. There is a one-hour loading/unloading time (2-hours for traders), at the end of which vehicles must be removed from camp.

VII. Park in the designated parking area.

VIII. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

X. Pets must be under control at all times.

X. No loaded firearms beyond designated range.

XI. Pack out all trash and dispose in dumpsters provided.

XII. Do not damage live trees.

XIII. Remove and preserve sod from fire pit. Replace it when leaving.

XIV. Campfires must not be left unattended. Return unused wood to main woodpiles.

XV. No fighting.

Booshway Thane "No Shadow" Wells
17727 474th Ave.
Clear Lake, SD 57226
Telephone 605-874-2940

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